Timeshare Buyers

"Anyone who pays retail for a timeshare is nuts" - Anonymous

Most Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Timeshare Purchase

Does Timeshare Make Financial Sense?

Maybe. Timeshare is not for everyone. In the most conservative view, you should be able to say, "I'm going to spend my vacation dollars anyway." If this is so, then yes, timeshare makes perfect sense.  However, if you do not vacation at least once a year, you should carefully consider other subjective motivations before committing to a purchase. We will be happy to discuss your specific situation, and help you evaluate all your options.

Must I Pay Cash, Or Is Financing Available?

Timeshare financing, if available, is expensive. We recommend paying cash. Secondary market timeshares are attractively priced.

If you prefer to finance your purchase, you are best served by exploring more reasonable sources of funds..

Do I Receive Full Owner Benefits When Purchasing A Timeshare?

Accrued, but unused, benefits may carry over to you with your purchase. Ancilary benefits vary among timeshare systems. We will be happy to discuss the specifics concerning the different systems and individual resorts within a timeshare system. There is no single answer to this question..

How Can You Sell Timeshares For So Much Less Than The Developer?

Have you ever added up the developer's weekly sales price for 51 weeks per condo? It is easily 300-400% of a comparable condo per sq. ft. It is no more complicated than that. It is a well documented fact that 40% to 50% of developer costs are directly sales and marketing related! Beyond that, large administrative overheads are typical for the major timeshare providers. In the resale market, you only pay for the fair market value of the real estate itself.

How Do I Know Which Timeshare Concept Is Best For Me?

We can assist you. You must first determine what you are looking for in vacation experiences. We will help structure your requirements until you agree that a best fit scenario has been prepared. Then, we go to work, suggesting properties and price points that best fit the bill. Only when you are satisfied that it works for your situation and lifestyle, should you commit to a purchase. There is never a cost to you for our consulting services.

How Easily May I Re-Sell My Timeshare?

Don't view your purchase as an investment, expecting capital appreciation. Ownership is to be enjoyed, securing a high-quality vacation lifestyle forever. If your circumstances change we will be here to assist you if you wish to sell in the future. High quality/demand properties will bring the best results. Sale price will be influenced by many factors, including the quality of, and demand for, the timeshare you own.

Are There Additional, Ongoing, Costs Of Ownership?

Yes. You can expect to pay an annual maintenance fee to your home resort Homeowners Association. Fees vary by property. We will provide you our insight into stability, value received, etc. You should also exercise due diligence by requesting fee history, reserves, etc. from the H.O.A.

Additional fees may apply, depending on how you use the flexible components of ownership.